Privacy by Design (S, 4 CP)

General Information

Organiser: Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser, SecEng Gruppe
Form of the course: Blockseminar (4 CP)
Introductory event date: 27.04.2017 11:30 a.m. (S4|14 Mornewegstraße 32 - 4.3.01)
Final presentations date: 19.09.2017 & 16.10.2017 (The exact times will be announced later on, based on the number of students presenting on each date. Please be advised that, disregarding what the introduction slides say, presentations should not be longer than 15 minutes.)

Regarding the seminar

The seminar looks at various new research papers on "privacy". The seminar participants will read current research papers and summarize them in a seminar paper. Each paper will be reviewed by at least one instructor and some other participants and then be revised by its author(s). The final work will then be presented to the other participants.


Kick-off meeting (27.04.2017 11.30, Slides (pdf))

General schedule

  • 27 April: Kick-off meeting (presentation of topics)
  • Until 4 May: Submit your favourite topics
  • Until 6 May: Topics will be assigned to you
  • May – September: Meet and discuss with your supervisor

Note the deadlines!


  • 1 August 23.00: First submission of paper
  • 19 August 23.00: Submission of reviews
  • 5 September 23.00: Final paper submission (addressing the points raised by the reviewers)
  • 19 September OR 16 October: Presentation of the paper (15 minutes for each presentation and 5+ minutes for Q&A)

Mandatory supervision meetings

1st meeting

  • After topic assignment, contact your supervisor (mail, phone) to agree on a meeting.
  • Before the 1st meeting, read assigned papers and related work.
  • Prepare a structure of your paper as a basis for discussion.

2nd meeting

  • Intermediate meeting to present first structure of the paper.
  • Prepare structure (title, sections) and initial bullet points for each section.
  • Submit this draft.

3rd meeting: Before first submission

  • Bring your pre-final paper to the meeting in order to discuss it.

4th meeting: After reviews

  • Bring your final paper and the related reviews in order to discuss them.

5th meeting: One week before your talk

  • Contact your supervisor for a meeting in the week preceding your talk.
  • Bring your final presentation to the meeting in order to discuss it.

This schedule represents only the mandatory supervision dates!
The supervisors are free to arrange further meetings!

List of topics and supervisors

  1. Privacy in Electronic Ticketing for Public Transport (Markus Heinrich)
  2. Security & Privacy in VANETs (Sebastian Gabmeyer)
  3. Intel Software Guard Extensions and Privacy (Florian Kohnhäuser)
  4. Quantitative Information Leakage (QIL) (Niklas Büscher)
  5. Secure Computation Protocols (Niklas Büscher)
  6. Information Leakage of Biased PUFs (André Schaller)
  7. Keeping your genomic data private (Nikolaos Karvelas)
  8. Privacy for Pay-TV (Tolga Arul)
  9. Privacy for Smart TVs (Tolga Arul)
  10. Privacy for IP TV recommender services (Tolga Arul)
  11. Anonymization of High Dimensional Data (Spyros Boukoros)
  12. Privacy assessment of Android apps (Spyros Boukoros)
  13. Privacy is OSN (Spyros Boukoros)
  14. Acoustic attacks on smartphone sensors (Nikolay Matyunin)
  15. Cache-based side-channel attacks in browsers (Nikolay Matyunin)
  16. Controlled PUFs and privacy (Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos)

Send your 3 most favourite topics to: by 4 May 2017.


Please submit your papers on:

The following need to contact or unregister the course, as they have not submitted a paper by the extended deadline:

  • Christian Volk
  • Alexander Brakowski

Presentation dates:

  • 19.09.2017
    • Andreas Erwig
    • Maximilian Gottschalk
    • Kirill Olokin
    • Tim Walter
    • Sascha Zenglein
    • Konstantin Sitnikov
    • Sebald Ziegler
    • Niklas Mast
    • Kathrin Schölei
    • Sebastian Wittor
  • 16.10.2017
    • Anne Zöll
    • Philipp Braband
    • Martin Hald
    • Christian Janz
    • Bassel Hanna
    • Nils Dycke
    • Sebastian Lutz
    • Florian Beyer

Disregarding the introduction slides, please be advised that presentations should not last longer than 15 minutes, plus 5+ minutes for Q&A.

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